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Hi, I'm Britt

I am a data enthusiast based in Oakland, California – exactly 2,927 walking miles from my east coast roots in New Jersey. I focus on data modeling, analysis, and visualization. I code in SQL and Python and use tools like dbt, BigQuery, LookML/Looker, and more. I am open to speaking, teaching, or writing gigs and can be contacted about any of those here.

I am a mental and menstrual health advocate, conquering BPD, MDD, and PMDD. My superpowers are that I am candid, vulnerable, and stand up for myself and others. For fun, I like to write haiku, plays games of all kinds (tabletop or video), go hiking, and cuddle my adorable cats

Check out my portfolio or view my resume.

This site was built with Bootstrap CSS, JS, HTML and utilizing version control via git. I made heavy mods to a free theme to get to this state and had a ton of fun teaching myself more about front-end dev.

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